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GPA UX Summit & Customer Events at ISE


February 4-6, 2019


February 4-5: Movenpick Hotel,
Piet Heinkade 11, 1019 BR Amsterdam

Feb 6: RAI Amsterdam
Europaplein 2 1078 GZ
Amsterdam, Netherlands


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Global Presence Alliance partners from around the world meet every year at ISE for strategic planning and customer events. Join us for a series of learning sessions and networking throughout the week with our members, partners and other industry thought leaders. Visit us on the show floor at Hall 1-E85 or join our teams in our Global Lounge in the Emerald Room at RAI.

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Presenters include:

Paul Muckleston, Microsoft, WW GM of Surface Commercial
6 Feb 2019 • 9:45 – 10:30AM
Emerald Room @ The RAI


Microsoft and the New World of Work

The workplace is transforming at an unprecedented pace – physically, sociographically, technologically and culturally. As the product with the fastest customer adoption in Microsoft’s history, Microsoft Teams is particularly important as a key platform and foundation for teamwork in many organizations globally. Paul will discuss how the strategy and roadmap for Microsoft Teams and the M365 platform is shaping Microsoft’s First Party (the soon to be released Surface Hub 2) and Third Party devices portfolio, and the opportunity therein for Customers and Partners to leverage the current and future Microsoft investments and momentum in their own businesses.

Jody Thomas, TargetPath, Senior Partner
6 Feb 2019 • 10:45AM – 12:00PM
Emerald Room @ The RAI


Deploying and Supporting UC-Enabled Meeting Spaces with Speed and Scale

Great! Your users are embracing cloud-enabled UC for collaboration. The experience is now good enough for most from their desk, home, or mobile device. What about your meeting spaces? Users used to be satised with a table and chairs, only needing and expecting AV technology in only the most sophisticated of rooms. But today’s meetings are different. Most now include remote participants connected via a UC platform of choice, meaning that all of your meeting spaces need to be UC-enabled, offering the same consistency, user experience, and call quality as they are used to otherwise.

Deploying supporting technology into meeting spaces in today’s organizations must be scalable, efficient, cost effective and supportable, often across multiple geographies. Jody will share his expertise through his work with cloud-enabled UC platform providers and technology companies who have invested heavily in the optimization of the meeting room user experience. With a focus on meeting spaces, he will walk through the steps ranging from platform selection, space assessment, supporting technologies and investment to defining support models for your users and spaces.

Ira M. Weinstein, Recon Research, Founder and Managing Partner
6 Feb 2019 • 12:45 – 2:00PM
Emerald Room @ The RAI


Enterprise AV / UC Standards – Pros, Cons, and Future Opportunities

For decades, the AV / UC industry has revolved around the design, integration, and support of complex and custom solutions to address meeting room requirements. Customers asked for a feature or function, designers complied, and so it went. On the positive side, these bespoke systems offered the utmost in flexibility. However, for various reasons (e.g. cost, lead time, support burden, user experience), these systems did not (and never could) meet the scalability expectations of today’s enterprise organizations. But that was then – and this is now! Today, savvy customers (and channel partners) are changing their attitude to support a new way of working. Leveraging his extensive industry research, analysis, and customer engagement experience, Ira will provide insight into the emergence of new AV / UC mindset, highlight the challenges that customers and channel partners are facing during this revolutionary transition, and offer real-world guidance for customers seeking to navigate their companies and users through these turbulent times.

Byron Tarry, Global Presence Alliance, Executive Director
6 Feb 2019 • 3:00 – 3:30PM
Emerald Room @ The RAI


10 Foundations to Architecting an Implementing a Successful Global Enterprise Meetings and Collaboration Strategy

The complexity of a global collaboration technology strategy is no longer in the technology itself, indeed that is the lowest risk, and the element we maintain most control of. Rather it is the myriad of other variables, from cultural to economic, geographical, to organizational and beyond and are the real areas of risk, realities that vary from customer to customer. This session will provide an overview of 10 key concepts to consider and accommodate in order to maximise the opportunity for success in the planning, deployment, management, and ongoing enhancement and evolution of a successful, globally scaled collaboration technology program.

Iris Van Den Akker, ABN AMRO, Commercial Manager
6 Feb 2019 • 4:00 – 4:45PM
Join us for drinks afterwards with ABN AMRO
Emerald Room @ The RAI


Foundations and Drivers Behind the “As a Service” Business Model

The momentum and adoption of the “as a Service” business model is significant, but what does this really mean, and what does success look like for both the customer and the supplier? How does “aaS” create the win-win that’s so critical to any strategic partnership, and in an emerging and maturing space, how can one measure this success. This session will start with a Keynote from ABN AMRO as a financier and enabler of the “aaS” model to set some context, and then will transition into a panel discussion with perspectives explored in particular around the “data” side of enabling and measuring “aaS”.

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