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Testing Multimedia Laboratory

We are different, we are better – Testing Multimedia Laboratory



Think about how much audio visual, network and control equipment exists in a corporate building. Now imagine that the company that installs them has never tested them and uses your spaces as a testing workshop. This happens upwards of 90% of the AV integration companies in Mexico, and it quite common globally. The result of this leads to installations without adequate performance, delays in implementation times, equipment with technical faults on site that could have been prevented and poor control and automation configurations.

To conquer this, Multimedia, our Mexican Global Presence Alliance team, have built a Testing Laboratory.

For more than a decade, Multimedia has made an enormous effort so that all the equipment to be installed in a house, an office or an auditorium, are perfectly tested and configured. Multimedia does not experiment in the environments or spaces of their clients.

Luis Galvan is the Multimedia Engineering Manager and is responsible for Multimedia integration projects to work well and the first time. “We have invested a lot in training and now we have the most complete testing laboratory in Mexico,” Luis says. “This is a space technically conceived to check beforehand that what we will install in the projects will be the right thing and that there will be no room for failures”.

The Testing Multimedia Laboratory is located in Monterrey and was designed by the architecture firm LOL. It is a room with all the infrastructure to check wiring, wall keyboards, remote controls, connection boards, routers, access points, matrix switches, video routing, audio, lighting, automation and here are also checked video conferencing systems, microphones or 4K UHD video sources, to name a few technologies.

Here, the racks to be installed in the client’s final spaces are pre-armed, in such a way that the necessary adjustments, configuration and semifinal start-up are made; once the equipment is moved to the final installations, it is enough to make connections to the house or office infrastructure and turn on all the equipment. Times are drastically reduced and quality of service is assured.

All equipment lists are “loaded” into a tracking and check-in software, thus testing and verifying that each component works properly, including the control screens and iPads and the programming of each space.

“Having the laboratory gives us a competitive advantage that our clients notice; while a team does all the wiring on site, another team is forming the equipment rack for each area that has to be moved to the client’s final place”, comments engineer Luis Galvan.

In addition to improving execution times, this practice and workflow enhances the work of the operations personnel as it enriches the expertise of the installers and makes them more familiar with each and every one of the project teams.

“The laboratory is already a mandatory process in our projects. This assures the quality of service and improves the experience of the clients. We want to establish long-term relationships with our customers and that they trust Multimedia as their sole provider of technological solutions,” concludes Luis Galvan.

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